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Written by on 05/18/2016

So……. who is/are Just Technics?

Well…. My name is Jason Woodrow aka DJ Nitro, I have been a vinyl deejay for over 19 years now and have a huge love for the old school methods of DJing.
I have been lucky enough to play for many well known venues and events playing anything from old school 90’s trance all the way up to hard techno with plenty of scratching thrown in for good measure!
For over 10 years I have been servicing and modifying Technics turntables, there is absolutely 100% no turntable available on the market today which even comes close to the reliability or accuracy of a SL1200 or SL1210 turntable.
We now live in a throw away society where we are lucky if a product even lasts over a year without any trouble! …… A well serviced pair of Technics decks will last years, there’s a reason as to why 90% of my customers still own Technics which have lasted over a decade!!!
Look lets be honest, Pioneer, Stanton, Numark, they are all good brands and at some point in our own vinyl journeys we have all used something made by them, even Kam and Gemini were great fun back in the day, not to mention Vestax who were direct rivals to Technics too.
With today’s technology all being based around digital formats such as controllers and USB players the old school vinyl DJ’s are forgotten about, these big companies may release turntables claiming to be up to the challenge but we all know its total rubbish!
Have you ever mixed on a modern day “cough” DJ turntable?……. yep its not as accurate and there is a reason…. DIGITAL PITCH CONTROL!!
I’m not going to bore you to death with technical jargon, all I shall say is this:
If you let me loose on your Technics turntables I shall offer you a service which no other company will ever provide, I’m not all about the money or greedy in any way shape or form, I have bills to pay just like any other person on the planet and I too understand that money is always tight.
You will not find anyone else online as passionate as myself regarding Technics SL1200 or SL1210’s, I eat, sleep and breath Technics.
So what are you waiting for? grab yourself a cuppa and fire me over a message… you wont regret it, plus your Technics deserve it!!

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Colchester, Essex
Call 07366 484554
Website: https://justtechnics.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR1X8rk7g8yeKBzq9Af7FxIDMdaSnsg5XG3TbwRvx_ZaOWrhpe_ZYu6ueFQ

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