The Sunday Sermons

Written by on 05/18/2016

Founded back in 2015 The Sunday Sermons was the brain Child of DJ Charlie & The Conman (now DJ Jaydee).

The Show was started way back on JackOfClubs Radio and we played everything from old school to funky disco anthems.

Live every Sunday The Sunday Sermons would go out live with myself and DJ Charlie pumping out the tunes to rock your local Nisa Massive but ended with the retirement of DJ Charlie.

NOW BACK in 2019 DJ Jaydee relights the candles dusts off the prayer book and re opens the creaky hardwood doors and welcomes you back into church as The Sunday Sermons returns.

Get your prayer books out say a few amens and lots of hail mary’s and save your soul from getting tossed deep into the bowls of house.

praise jack the founding father of house music.

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